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Jet Set Radio Future is a video game developed by Smilebit and is the sequel to Jet Set Radio. Similar to the original, it depicts a future Tokyo where freedom of expression is outlawed. The user plays a character in the GG's, a gang of in-line skating graffiti artists who skate around Tokyo covering up rival gangs' graffiti, knocking over Rokkaku police, and dancing to the electric soundtrack. The game uses a cel-shaded style of animation, and has been widely acclaimed for its unique music style, detailed art, and gameplay. Though the game is set in the future, its style and content incorporates many aspects of 1980's old school hip hop culture, as well as 1990's J-pop culture.

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Is Custom Game: true

Is Installed: true

Is Installing: false

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IDGB ID: 1570

IGDB name: Jet Set Radio Future

Game Id: bc97c1e5-55d7-4964-aaa0-7e2e7565484f

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Hidden: false

Include Library Plugin Action: true

Install Directory: E:\Roms\XBOX - Xemu\


Playnite ID: 29d9bf31-c34b-43bf-9dda-ed2a9b92dd70

Plugin Id: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

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Use Global Game Started Script: true

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Use Global Pre Script: true

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