Yoiyami Dancers: Twilight Danmaku Dancers

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Dodge to the rhythm and beat down your foes!
The danmaku rhythm action Touhou fangame "Yoiyami Dancers" finally comes to Steam!


Cute, colorful aesthetics!

Colorful art, cutely-animated sprites,
a heartwarming story, and catchy BGM
combine to make for an exciting experience!
Make sure not to miss the protagonist
dancing at the bottom of the screen!

It's all about riding the rhythm!

Even if you don't have perfect timing,
as long as you can keep up with the tempo,
it's totally fine to be a little too fast or slow.
Just get into the rhythm!

Multiple difficulties!

You can play on four different difficulties,
you're given infinite retries, and there are
even items to help you if you get stuck!
There's a good time to be had whether
you're a beginner or a master!

More info!

Practice to your heart's content!

Want to perfect your boss pattern dodging?
The new, long-awaited Practice Mode is the place for you!
All of the bosses you've met in the main story will
practice danmaku dancing with you as long as you'd like.

A tale of Danmaku Dancing with two protagonists!

The game features two protagonists:
the Youkai of Twilight, Rumia and
the Swallowtail Butterfly Fairy, Eternity Larva!
A new game called "Danmaku Dancing" has begun
growing in popularity among the fairies...
and it might just cause a commotion in Gensokyo!
*Note: The story is a light-hearted one.

Lots of updates planned!

Plenty of post-release updates are planned, too!
We'll be adding new playable characters, items,
unlockables, and achievements now and again.
Look forward to them!

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